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FAQ – Knowledgebase

Below you will find the Top 25 items per Category in our Support Knowledgebase. Click on a question to view the answer, or click on View Category to view all of the items for that Category. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free contact us via our Contact Us page.

Ordering Meridian Products View All Entries In This Category >>
– Can I Redistribute Meridian World Data’s Databases?
– Can I Include Your Data Into My Company’s Software?
– I Am Unable To Download My Database.?
– If I Purchase A Subscription Package, How Do I Receive My Updates?
– What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?
– How Will I Receive My Chosen Database Product?
– I Lost My Password, How Can I Get A New One?
– How Can I Get A Sample Database?

Developer Questions View All Entries In This Category >>
– How Can I Verify The UTF8 Character Encoding?
– What format are the local names in? What is the font code in??
– Do your Zip Codes and Cities databases integrate with each other??

Database and Implementation Questions View All Entries In This Category >>
– Do The Feature ID Values Change During Updates??
– How Can I Tell Which Cities Are Capitals?
– There are many cities with the same name; how do we distinguish them?
– Where Do I Find The Cities Data In The Database?
– How Does The Distance Calculation Formula Work?
– What is the Variant ID Field in the Database?
– Are The Various Databases You Offer In Similar Formats?
– Where are the Cities, States, Counties, etc Found?
– How Do I Import Data With The Degree Symbol In Unicode-UTF8 Format?
– What Formats are the Databasese in?
– Why Are There Are A Lot Of Cities With The Same Latitude And Longitude?
– How Do I Work With The Daylight Savings?
– How Can I Import The Data Into My Database?
– What Platforms Will Your Data Work On?
– Fixing Importing Errors From SQL Server 2005?
– Do You Supply Sample Code?

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