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Meridian World Data

The Complete Solution to your Geo-Data Needs!

Data products and services gauranteed to meet your unique business requirements.

Our Mission:
“We are enthusiastically devoted to our customer’s success by providing the most cost-effective and comprehensive end-to-end solution, with the most accurate geographical data products and services. We do this by providing a unique set of tools, services, data, and consulting to ensure that the specific needs of our customers are met to their complete satisfaction.”

Our database products span 270+ countries/territories and contain entries on geographic features such as Global Cites, Postal Codes, and other landmarks.

With over 7.1 million geographic features available, Meridian World Data products are some of the most comprehensive listings in the world.

–The world is now within your grasp!

Why Choose Meridian World Data?
• Our databases are delivered in a format that is compatible with all major databases (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, etc), and even MS Excel.
• Unlimited Free Customer Support.
• Our data is continually updated to ensure you have the most up-to-date relevant data.
• We have a large list of happy customers.
• Receive immediate delivery of products via download.
• Free code and DLL.
• The most complete and accurate list of 1st and 2nd level administrative divisions.
• Substantial Multi-Prodcut Discounts for bundled purchases of databases.
• Friendly and professional staff ready and able to assist you.
• We offer custom tailored data solutions and consulting services.
Uses for Our Data
• Calcute shipping costs based upon the distance between two geopraphical points.
• Present point of interest lists (beaches, churches, castles, etc) for travel companies.
• Help customers find each other within social networking sites (dating, family, etc).
• Provide a store locator to allow customers to find the nearest office for your company.
• Standardized list of choices for a city, state, or country to avoid spelling mistakes on input forms.
• Research for various industries (Oil and Gas, Governmental, Hospitality, etc).
• Locate cities within a radius.
• See our Global Database Examples for more information on how to use our data within your industry.