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Using Geographical Databases

Not sure how to use geographical databases? See the below examples of implementing our comprehensive world databases within your company.

Using Global Databases within the Travel Industry

As part of the push towards travel 2.0, online travel companies can take advantage of geographic databases, which contain longitude and latitude, to help their clients locate global features like cities, churches, beaches, etc, in an area that they would like to travel to. For example, say you have a customer who would like to go scuba diving in Bali. With our global water features database, or a combination of a few sub-sets of those databases, you could show your customers nearby reefs, bays, cays, beaches, etc that may have scuba diving within say 10 miles of the location that they will be staying. While this is only an example of such a use, you can see how this data can help you provide your clients with a customized travel plan. If they find points of interest in the desired area, then you could offer additional services to help fulfill those needs (book scuba trips, excursions to castles, hiking adventure, etc), thus increasing the travel company’s revenues and repeat business.

You can also add a feature to your website which allows your customers to find others who are “locals” of the location that the customer wishes to visit. If your travel site can put those customers in touch with eachother, based upon georaphica attributes such as Area Code, Zip Code, city, Country, State, then they could share travel ideas and comments – thus giving your customer advice from someone local who is “in-the-know”.

Using Global Databases within the Social Networking Industry

Did you know you can easily add features to your social networking website to allow your clients to easily find others with similar interests (dating, sports, family, etc) based upon the user’s location (City, State, Country, Zip Code, Area Code, etc)? With data from Meridian World Data, you can do just that. We offer a full line of comprehensive global databases that contain Longitude and Latitude which you can use in your website for such services. Then based upon a user’s own online geographic profile (city, address, phone number, country, etc), your Social Networking website would use that information to match with others within the network. See our customers list to see our growing list of Social Networking sites that have used our data and services to provide a richer user experience.